My art reflects the ethos of a modern men’s lifestyle and aspect. It is about when you look as good as you feel, and when you feel as good as you look. I cut to express, I cut to create



My passion is to work with each man’s individual style and tailor the cut to their signature look. Placing a high value on self-expression and finding the aesthetic that works best for my client.



I offer private services by-appointment-only, to provide a truly exquisite experience for each gentleman. This is how I ensure that you will feel valued and comfortable through personal connection.

“The Story”

Dvision was born in 2015 as a high-quality designer streetwear.

My creative vision was to produce clothing that reflects men’s attitude and individual style. And this was the key driver to go further. Because style isn’t just about clothes. 

So, once I retired from Menspire, in 2022, I decided to take a new twist and launch my High Resolution Barbering Studio, in Amsterdam.  

Dvision (Cut to Create) brings a premium take on the men’s grooming experience. And you can feel it as a refined version of every barbershop you’d ever seen.

Precision, attention on details and a great focus on tailoring – everything to make the most personal signature cut for who you are.

What’s next? I want to bring the concept of Modern Barbering to a much more advanced level in a professional and learning environment.


"Behind the brand"

Hi, my name is Doc and I am here to illustrate an iconic portrayal of contemporary barbering and hairdressing.

My DVISION is an epicenter of high-end men’s aesthetics and a fresh concept on the grooming experience.

“ Hold the vision, trust the process” 

My journey started in Romania, back in early 2016, when I graduated my first professional course as a barber stylist – “Pop Academy – Cluj”.

Then, I moved to London, where I followed my path and my biggest goal (at the time) joining the largest company in the industry – Menspire UK.

I took my craft seriously and became a stylist at Menspire Kings Cross London. In 2020 I was chosen to perform as a Senior Stylist representing the brand image in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

After almost 2 years of my career as a Senior, I retired from the company, therefore following my true dream – to open my own Hair Studio. My vision on the aspect of the client’s image is very important and I treat it with great precision and focus on details.

And here I am, starting an independent movement, celebrating the individual and the pursuit of manliness, through creativity, self-expression and personal style