High Resolution Barbering Education

Hold the vision and trust the process

Welcome to DVISION Academic 

 We are presenting the high resolution barbering education designed for barber of all levels. 

Blending industry expert lectures, premium techniques,

a strong focus on details and a personal learning experience 

of the highest caliber, within a real studio environment

Why is best for you ?

✓ Review you actual skills situation

✓ Rebuild & readjust your knowledge

✓ Find out your strengths & weaknesses

✓ Learn and apply maximum practical techniques

✓ Study everything  about professional salon behave

✓ Become a confident, highly-skilled barber

✓ Understand how to promote your expertise 

Everything in two intensive full days of next level hair lecture. What are you gonna learn ?

Here we are presenting the structure plan of the course.

☆ Introduction

Anatomy and head shape

Hair philosophy 

Suitability and consultation

☆ Understanding the classics  

Shapes ( Round, Square, Triangle) 

Cutting Techniques (Line, Graduation, Layers)

Sectioning with purpose 

Scissor and Comb Handling 

Kinetics (Cutting line, Elevation, Over Direction, Tension, Head position, Body position) 

☆ Clippers and trimmers

Guards game (2, 1.5, 1) 

Fade  (Low Mid High)

Taper Fade (Low Mid Diagonal)

Fading techniques: Descending (imaginar guides) Guard Skipping (with guides)

The effect of small details

Razor blade game

☆ Styling and photography 

Blow-dry Techniques

How to use the right product.

Comfortability before the shooting

Light and angle efficiency 

☆ Profesional salon behave

Meet the client

Build trust

Make yourself being recommended 

The key of getting fully booked

Price cost for 3 full intensive days course

2450 €

Want to find out more?

Student Reviews

The Dvision intensive 3 days course with Doc is in my opinion the best course in the Netherlands at this moment, to speak for myself i did a few courses but have never get this clear information about the fundamentals and the basic things with wich you can build a nice haircut. It has been a great upgrade to my skills and i will take this knowledge with me forever and ever wich i can use in every situation and every haircut. Great experience , intense but fully worth it!
I felt prepared to start getting into the men’s hair industry and suddenly I meet this guy, I meet the guy that changed my life at that moment. After a few discussions we got to a 10 days intensive course and let’s get honest, I couldn’t hold the scissor in my hand. So, I was a complete beginner. He got me so deep into the hair, starting from how to use a scissor, a clipper, to finally get a full haircut from long hair to short hair in just 10 days. His passion drives me on a trip that made me to wish more, to learn more and become better every single day. The way of explaining was on my “beginner language” which was a strong point in all my education during this 10 days to made me become a complete barber in a short time. Are you a beginner and you want to get to the next level, you wanna become a better barber, you want to understand the depth of haircuts, then this is the master that I would recommend to anyone who have the love and passion for men’s hair industry! Pace brother and thank you for the chance that I got with you!

Any special occasion? Let me have you covered

Dvision is available for special events, wedding packages and private hire

 with an exclusive range of barbering services. 

My experience of collaborating on private concepts has seen me work for football teams,  advertising campaigns, fashion, and creative events. 

Do you have a project abroad? No worries. We can set it up. 

Please  contact us  to discuss tailoring any packages 

that suit your requirements and budget.