barbering in Dubai

Award Winning & Profesional Men’s Barber Artist,  Doc Vision, based in Amsterdam owner of DVISION Studio is making his way to Dubai, in a two week tour – to bring a unique combination of high resolution grooming and luxurious experience for clients.

Doc will be offering private mobile barbering services by-appointment,  sharing his knowledge and exquisite grooming skills.

 Pre-booking open for private grooming sessions for 9-23 January, 2023

Having a career spanning editorial shoots for top fashion and beauty magazines, to working with celebrities from famous DJ’s to professional football players, Doc will be personally revealing his expertise in a two week tour of Dubai.

He will be traveling  as a mobile barber, delivering his trademark  private services to the clients in Dubai.

”I know that the grooming experience has never been just about ‘looking good’. It has a very important emotional aspect of ‘touch and talk’, about feeling good and improving your man’s self-esteem. So here I am. Let’s meet in Dubai!”



Book your in-home private grooming session and let me contact you to confirm your request. Thank you!