Dvision might be a relative newcomer to Amsterdam’s

barber scene, but trust me, it is already one of its sleekest and top notch services.

Wanna see what makes an ordinary barbering into an experience worth coming back for?

Premium Services

High Resolution Haircut (50 min) 

At Dvision it’s the attention to detail that counts, 

because your cut is a statement of your individuality 

and an instant visual clue of who you are

Beard Trim (30 min)

Paying attention to your face shape, I will guide you 

on which design compliments your features the best

High Resolution Haircut & Beard Trim (70 min) 

A premium package featuring my signature services

Crew Cut & Beard Trim (50 min)

I make it my mission to seek out the very best 

of your style – whether it be the best crew  cut, 

the best shave or both together

become a studio member

Dvision is a private hair studio. Do I play favorites? Hell yeah! Because my guests are lavished with a really special attention. That is why, to make an appointment, you have to become a member. The easiest way to become a member is by being connected with one DVISION member already. 

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    Presenting the high resolution barbering education.
    designed for barbers of all levels

    Blending industry expert lectures, premium techniques,
    a strong focus on details and a personal learning experience
    of the highest caliber, within a real studio environment