My art reflects the ethos of a modern men’s lifestyle and aspect. It is about when you look as good as you feel, and when you feel as good as you look. I cut to express, I cut to create



My passion is to work with each man’s individual style and tailor the cut to their signature look. Placing a high value on self-expression and finding the aesthetic that works best for my client.



I offer private services by-appointment-only, to provide a truly exquisite experience for each gentleman. This is how I ensure that you will feel valued and comfortable through personal connection.

Welcome to our High Resolution Barbering Services


Dvision might be a relative newcomer to Amsterdam’s

barber scene, but trust me, it is already one of its sleekest and top notch services.

Wanna see what makes an ordinary barbering into an experience worth coming back for?


become a studio member

Dvision is a private hair studio. Do I play favorites? Hell yeah! Because my guests are lavished with a really special attention. That is why, to make an appointment, you have to become a member. The easiest way to become a member is by being connected with one DVISION member already or just simply let’s discuss about it.

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Premium label products

Presenting the high resolution barbering education. 

Blending industry expert lectures, premium techniques,
a strong focus on details and a personal learning experience
of the highest caliber, within a real studio environment